Vancouver mayor proposes friendly wager to Edmonton mayor over Canucks-Oilers series

The All-Canada Stanley Cup playoff series between the Vancouver Canucks and the Edmonton Oilers has the cities' mayors putting their fandom on the line
Derek Cain/GettyImages

The Vancouver Canucks and Edmonton Oilers are hours away from beginning their second-round series in the 2024 Stanley Cup playoffs. The all-Canada series has the nation divided on who will win, and which team is the most Canadian, and now the cities' mayors are getting in on the act.

Vancouver Mayor Ken Sim took to social media to propose a friendly wager with Edmonton's Mayor Amarjeet Sohi. Mayor Sim is in his office wearing a Canucks jersey and asks Mayor Sohi that whichever city wins the series, the losing city must display the winning team's flag and wear the winning team's jersey. Mayor Sim seems pretty confident that the Canucks will win the series because he says, "in the unlikely event the Canucks lose the series..."

Sim is hilariously doing his computer work with his hockey gloves on and picks up a stick at the end of the video to show off his hockey skills.

Edmonton Mayor Sohi responds

Mayor Sohi immediately responded to the wager. He filmed a video wearing his Oilers jersey and told Mayor Sim that an Oilers jersey is in the mail to him because the Oilers are the best team with the best fans. He then shows schoolchildren screaming and cheering for the Oilers.

This is a friendly wager between two cities and teams with a heated rivalry. It has been over 30 years since these two teams met in the Stanley Cup playoffs (1992) when the Oilers won in six games. The social media battles of words are already intense. The Canucks were 4-0 during the regular season over the Oilers, but that is ancient history. The pride of Canada and the desire to take a rival out of the Stanley Cup playoff chase are on the line.

Game 1 begins at 7:00 PM PT in Rogers Arena. ESPN will air the game live.