Canucks news: Quinn Hughes takes high road and complete Round 2 schedule is released

  • Quinn Hughes has classy response to Edmonton Oilers media chatter
  • The Canucks complete Round 2 series schedule with the Oilers is released
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Rivalries and emotions get more intense during the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs. That's why we give Quinn Hughes a lot of credit for his classy response to the Edmonton Oilers media fodder. An Oilers radio host named Bob Stauffer alluded to the fact that Hughes looking like he is going to "cry all of the time." The context of the conversation was how many hits Hughes took from the Nashville Predators prior to the Game 6 series win. The Oilers media recounted 17 hits that "appeared to be paying dividends."

Of course, Hughes caught wind of this pre-series media hype and delivered an excellent response to shut it down. Instead of getting heated and personal like the Oilers radio show did, he gave a more big picture answer. Hughes talked about the two cities and its people who love and breathe hockey. He was certain the series will be competitive and that he and the Canucks will focus on what they can control.

One of many reasons why the Canucks fans love Hughes. In addition to his outstanding play, he took the high road and is not engaging in this pre-series nonsense because he knows where he needs to focus his energies.

Canucks vs. Oilers series schedule is announced

The Vancouver Canucks will host Games 1, 2, and 5 and 7 (if necessary) of the seven game series. Game 1 is on Wednesday, May 8 at 7:00 PM PT. Game 2 is Friday, May 10, also at 7:00 PM PT. Games 5 and 7 are scheduled for May 16 and May 20. The times for Games 3-7 have not been announced; however, the dates of Games 3, 4, and 6 are May 12, 14, and 18 in Rogers Place (home of the Edmonton Oilers).

Fans are already hyped and inquiring about Rogers Arena viewing party tickets for the games held in Edmonton. No information has been released yet, but given the success of the viewing parties during the Nashville series, viewing parties are expected.

The Oilers were winless against the Canucks during the regular season (0-4), but that should not give anyone a false sense of confidence. It is win or go home time in the NHL season so everyone will bring his A-game.