3 things the Vancouver Canucks must do to beat the Edmonton Oilers in Round 2 of the Stanley Cup Playoffs

The Canucks and Oilers are coming off big Round 1 wins
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It is the Battle of Canada in Round 2 of the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs. The Vancouver Canucks defeated the Nashville Predators 4-2, and the Edmonton Oilers defeated the Los Angeles Kings 4-1 to advance.

Hockey is intrinsically a Canadian sport with the first organized hockey game played in the country in 1875. These two teams have a bitter rivalry during the regular season that is now spilling over to postseason action.

Despite the fact that the Canucks went 4-0 against the Oilers during their regular season games, many hockey pundits are predicting that the Oilers will win this series. The Canucks have their work cut out for them to get past the Oilers.

Three things the Vancouver Canucks must do to defeat the Edmonton Oilers

Edmonton advanced to the second round in five games losing only the second game of the series in overtime. The Oilers scored 22 goals in five games, and the Canucks scored 13 goals in six games. The Canucks need to score more goals to win the series. Coach Rich Tocchet talked about the need to play aggressively and to make intelligent shots. He emphasized quality over quantity because he does not want to turn the puck over to the Oilers offense.

Staying out of power play situations is another thing the Canucks must do. That involves playing smart and clean hockey, not getting lured into emotional outbursts or making bad decisions. It involves walking the fine line of being aggressive without being reckless.

The Canucks have to dismiss their regular season 4-0 record over the Oilers. Everyone is starting anew in the second round so regular season results are meaningless and should not give the Canucks a false sense of security. This series will be more intense and physical than any of their regular season meetings.

Can the Canucks do it? We will find out soon as the puck drops on Wednesday night in Game 1 at Rogers Arena at 10:00 PM EDT.