The evolution of the Canucks logo from blue and green to black and red and back again

Since 1970, the Vancouver Canucks have made subtle and massive logo changes with the 1998 logo being the biggest departure from tradition
Rich Lam/GettyImages

As a general rule, people do not like change. Sports fans are even more prone to dislike changes in their team's players, home arena, and coaching staff, to name a few. Superstitious fans worry that change is not a good thing.

Uniform changes top the list of things that can backfire for sports teams. Somehow, the Vancouver Canucks pulled off a big change in its uniform colors and team logo in the late 1990s. The team went from its trademark ocean-like colors to bold primary colors like red and yellow and eventually back again.

The yellow and red skates logo came into prominence in the late 1970s and was the norm in the early 1990s, and to this day, fans like Michael Buble still sport that jersey. It was the successor to the original blue Canucks log that contained a hockey stick in the trademark blue and green colors which was a mainstay from 1970-1978.

Transitioning to the Orca logo in the late 1990s

The Orca logo embodied the life and landscape of Vancouver, and fans were drawn to it. It also marked the return of the eye-appealing color palette of green, royal blue, and white.

Canucks fans have their opinions, but in general, they have embraced all of the logo changes over the years. It is worth noting that many on social media did not recognize the yellow and red logo was meant to be a picture of hockey skates until very recently.

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The Canucks have not abandoned the skates logo and even have a current fundraising event going with it. For the fans with an affinity for the skates logo and extra money in their wallets, they can bid on the skates logo jerseys worn by current Canucks players during the March 28 game against the Dallas Stars. Bidding continues through June 5.

Through the subtle and big changes over the years, Canucks fans have remained steadfast that their favorite team can do nothing so significantly wrong with the uniforms to affect their loyalty. All that fans really want is the Canucks to win a Stanley Cup in any unform they wish to wear.