Ice, Ice, Baby: Rogers Arena gets new ice for the 2024 Vancouver Canucks season

New ice is just one of the critical offseason activities the Vancouver Canucks are working on for 2024
Derek Cain/GettyImages

Though Vancouver Canucks fans are adjusting to the new reality of the NHL season being over for their favorite team, it may be encouraging to know that the hard work is already underway to prepare for the 2024-2025 season.

Much of that work centers on assembling the right players, both veterans and those acquired through the draft later this month, and coaches to build a successful team.

That is not the only work being done. The ice is being removed from Rogers Arena and replaced with new ice.

Out with the old and in with the new ice

It is bittersweet to see the ice removed; it feels a bit like taking down the Christmas decorations after the excitement of the holidays.

However, it must be done, and the process involves heavy machinery and expertise to complete it successfully.

After the ice is removed, new ice has to be laid down. The specifics of that process are not known, but a 2020 YouTube time-lapse video shows that it is an amazing undertaking and transformation.

In addition to the ice process, other important 2024 activities are planned according to the following tentative schedule:
(1) The NHL Draft is held on June 28-29
(2) Training camp opens in mid-September
(3) Practices, scrimmages, and preseason games are held in mid/late September
(4) The 2024 regular season begins on October 4

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Jack Adams Award-winning coach Rick Tocchet is committed to an ambitious offseason workload including frequent meetings (both in person and virtual) with his key players. The Canucks also need to fill the assistant coaching vacancy created by the mutual parting of ways with Mike Yeo.

There is much to be done and in little time. Vancouver Canucks hockey returns in just over 100 days. Who is ready for October and the new ice hosting home games at Rogers Arena?