Stephen Kronstein

Click my name and find my past articles below the bio... It all started shooting pucks in our family basement against the deep freezer, in my prime at age three, when I was a mini stick hockey legend. My cat, Nosie, was the best goalie in our house league, and while she was insane at stopping pucks (GI Joe helmets), had sick reflex saves and unreal athletism, I was still able to rack up some great offensive stats, breaking league records in goals and points for an under-4 player... candidate for Mayor (2002), MLA (2001) and MP (2004) in Richmond, and MLA (2009) in Vancouver Point Grey. Graduate with honours from the journalism / photojournalism program at Kwantlen Polytechnic University in 2006. Creative service provider to the film industry. The Canuck Way has given me the chance to revive one of my dreams, to write for an audience of passionate Canucks fans. I mean this deeply when I say it is a great honour for me to be here. Thanks to you all for this opportunity - Fansided, the Canuck Way, and all the Canucks fans who read these pages! The Universe is good. Amen.
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