Where will the 2024 NHL Draft be held?

San Jose won the NHL Draft Lottery and is projected to get the first overall pick.

The 2024 NHL Draft is over a month away, but excitement is building for the event, labeled the first of its kind in a relatively new setting. The draft, scheduled for June 28-29 will be held at the Sphere in Las Vegas. The Sphere can hold 20,000 spectators in the seating area and on the floor. It is known for its revolutionary 160,000-square-foot LED display with programmable graphics visible on the exterior. It is called the world's largest sphere.

The draft location was selected during the NHL's December winter meetings and was reiterated during the draft lottery television coverage. The San Jose Sharks won the draft lottery and are projected to have the first overall pick. Fans wearing Sharks jerseys were jumping up and down in celebration upon hearing the news of the favorable draft selection.

The first overall pick is believed to be Boston University freshman Macklin Celebrini, 17, the Hobey Baker award winner, and native of Vancouver. His brother Aiden Celebrini, 19, was drafted by the Vancouver Canucks in the sixth round of the 2023 NHL Draft.

Las Vegas Sphere will be the mecca for NHL excitement

The Las Vegas Sphere will be the mecca of excitement for the San Jose Sharks and the rest of the NHL during the late-June draft. Friday, June 28 is the first round and the second through seventh rounds will occur on Saturday, June 29.

Macklin Celebrini is a life-long Vancouver Canucks fan, but he also has ties to San Jose. His father Richard is a former Vancouver 86ers soccer player and the head of sports medicine and performance for the NBA's Golden State Warriors located in San Francisco less than 50 miles from San Jose. Macklin mentioned that he lived in the area for part of his childhood.

It is yet to be determined where the Vancouver Canucks will draft in the first round. Playoff teams are not included in the initial 16 team draft lottery.