Onward and upward, the Canucks Game 2 OT loss means it's time to move on to Game 3

A 2-0 lead would have been a dream, but no one thought this series would be won in a sweep
Derek Cain/GettyImages

Vancouver Canucks fans may be waking up disappointed about the Game 2 overtime loss to the Edmonton Oilers, but as this team has done well all year, it is time to move on and focus on Game 3. Besides, it was wishful and unrealistic to think the Canucks were going to sweep the series.

The Canucks have areas where they need to tighten up and improve. That certainly was on Coach Rick Tocchet's mind when he said they need guys to step up. This team will need to demonstrate and live up to its "reslient" nickname.

Sunday night is coming quickly, and Game 3 will have a very different vibe at the home of the Oilers in Rogers Place. Improving is what the team will be working to do this weekend. It is worth noting that the Canucks had more success on the road than at home in the Nashville series so that is a confidence booster.

What the Canucks need to do better

One of the biggest problems is the power play. It is only a slight exaggeration that the Oilers are an automatic scorer in power play situations (47% through the Stanley Cup Playoffs going into Game 2). Before last night, the Canucks were scoring in only 12% of their power play opportunities.

Taking that a step further, it means that the Canucks' penalties are detrimental because the Oilers can and will capitalize; whereas, the Oilers do not suffer severe consequences when they get in penalty situations. They can commit the cheap hits and play as they wish to physically and mentally wear out the Canucks but keep the scoreboard in check.

Another issue is that the Oilers seem to get more shots at goal. Arturs Silovs defended well, but the Oilers are constantly in an aggressive offensive position. The Canucks need to keep their feet and sticks moving to work the puck down to the opposing end of the ice for prolonged periods.

Though the Game 2 result was disappointing, it does not indicate doom and gloom. Game 3 is coming, and Tocchet and the team will work on these and other areas of their game to turn the tide.