Michael Buble offers sweet deal to free agent Jake Guentzel if he signs with the Vancouver Canucks

Buble is rolling out the red carpet to make his hometown team even better in 2024
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Michael Buble is not shy about expressing his Vancouver Canucks fandom. If he is not at Rogers Arena watching his hometown team, he is talking about them on social media or making hypothetical deals to entice free agents to come to Vancouver.

Jake Guentzel could be a key target on the Canucks free-agent radar on July 1. The Canucks have a lot of work to do between now and then to sign the soon-to-be free agents that were on the team last year, most notably Nikita Zadorov who joined the team mid-season but made his presence known with stellar physical play and leadership during the Canucks postseason run.

Guentzel is a 29-year-old left wing who finished the season with the Carolina Hurricanes. The former Pittsburgh Penguins draft pick was heavily sought after by the Canucks at the March 2024 trade deadline. He could attract between $8 and $10 million annually on the free agent market.

Michael Buble to the rescue

Michael Buble is a savvy fan who understands that his team is under salary cap pressure to put together the best possible roster.

That's why he is even offering to open the doors to his home for Guentzel and his family to live with him while he plays for the Canucks.

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While the offer is made mostly in jest, many of Buble's superfans who are not hockey players would jump at the offer to stay at his house.

In the meantime, Buble is like every other nervous Canucks fan wondering what is happening behind the scenes in the Canucks front office to secure Nikita Zadorov who endeared himself immediately with the fanbase and has expressed an interest for a long-term contract and to stay in the Vancouver area. Like Guentzel, he could be in the $8+ million range if he becomes a free agent.

Which Canucks players (and soon-to-be free agents) do you think the team will re-sign before July 1?