Fans react to the new Vancouver Canucks Fanatics jersey reveal

The Canucks showed a picture of the 'new' Fanatics jersey, and fans did not hold back their opinions
Derek Cain/GettyImages

The official Vancouver Canucks X/Twitter site had a grand reveal of the new Canucks NHL Authentic Pro Jersey from Fanatics, and let's just say it was not met with a lot of positivity.

The team is trying to get fans ramped up for a lot of exciting events over the next couple of days, and if this is any indication of how it will go, we could be in trouble.

The NHL Awards show is happening on Thursday night, and the 2024 NHL Draft kicks off from the Sphere in Las Vegas on Friday and runs through Saturday. Fans are excited to turn the page on an equal parts thrilling and disappointing 2023 season where the Canucks won the Pacific Division but lost to their Canadian arch-rival Edmonton Oilers in the second round of the NHL playoffs.

What fans said about the 'new' Vancouver Canucks jerseys

You can probably guess that there was a group of fans who want the skate jersey to come back so anything in this style and color will not work for them.

Those fans aside, there were plenty who like the blue jersey style but had complaints about Fanatics' overall quality. Some thought the orca logo appeared crooked in the photo, or that the jersey looked like a knock-off product that could be on sale at Costco instead of an officially licensed jersey.

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Others thought this was much ado about nothing because the jersey looked so similar, Some fans wanted a freshened-up orca jersey in which he does not look constipated.

The rest of the fans are more interested in which players will be wearing the team's jerseys in 2024 and what is going on behind the scenes to sign the soon-to-be free agents including fan-favorite Nikita Zadorov who will be a free agent on July 1 if the team does not re-sign him in the next few days.

What do you think of the new Vancouver Canucks jersey? Should the team bring back the skates one, or do you prefer the orca?