Fans react to news of Vancouver Canucks signing Mark Friedman to a one-year deal

Friedman's deal is valued at $775,000 and keeps him in Vancouver which he desperately wanted
Derek Leung/GettyImages

Defenseman Mark Friedman has signed a one-year contract extension. Vancouver Canucks GM Patrik Allvin announced the deal on Wednesday indicating that Friedman was a valuable part of the team after being acquired from the Pittsburgh Penguins in an October 2023 trade.

Friedman, 28, played 23 games for the Canucks. He had one assist, 33 hits, and 35 blocks while averaging just over 12 minutes of ice time in Vancouver. He wanted to stay with the Canucks and joins Filip Hronek as a recently re-signed Canucks player who will not enter free agency on July 1. Friedman has also said he is willing to do anything, including playing forward, if necessary to play during the 2024-2025 season.

The Canucks entered the offseason with 11 potential free agents. With two signed, fans await news on other players, most notably Nikita Zadorov. Fans have begged him on social media to stay in Vancouver. In the meantime, the Canucks faithful took to social media to share their reactions to the Friedman news.

What Canucks fans are saying about the Mark Friedman contract

Canucks fans are happy to see Allvin at work in the days leading up to July 1, but many believe the Mark Friedman signing is "minor." Friedman is widely viewed as a depth player, and most fans are happy to have depth players on the roster. His contract price is considered fair, but the signing does not elicit a "wow" factor from the Vancouver Canucks faithful.

Canucks fans issue social media pleas begging Zadorov to stay. dark. Next. Canucks fans issue social media pleas begging Zadorov to stay

Fans want to see the team signing impact players. They hope the team's initial two contract extensions offered to Hronek and Friedman are just the beginning with bigger news to come. Zadorov is the player that everyone is waiting for news about, and he gives the "wow" factor that some believe is missing from the Hronek and Friedman signings. The Canucks have 11 days to get something done with Zadorov.