Elias Pettersson and Nikita Zadorov share Game 3 thoughts

The Vancouver Canucks are tied with the Edmonton Oilers 1-1 making Game 3 critical for both teams
Derek Cain/GettyImages

The Vancouver Canucks fans are well aware that not only is it Mother's Day, but it is also gameday. Game 3 between the Canucks and Edmonton Oilers will be happening at 9:30 PM EDT so it is a festive day all around.

Gone are the valid officiating complaints, sadness, and frustrations associated with the Game 2 overtime loss on Friday night. This series is tied 1-1, and the Canucks are strolling into Edmonton knowing that they have already played some of their finest hockey in the postseason on the road (in Nashville).

Adding to that is a significantly shorter commute to Edmonton than Nashville and fans can feel good about the day. If that is not enough to make your Sunday bright, words from Elias Pettersson and Nikita Zadorov will do it.

What Elias Pettersson and Nikita Zadorov said

Pettersson is hoping the Canucks leap onto enemy ice and play very physically. The Oilers are making the series very physical. Pettersson has dealt with illness and has performed below expectations during the playoffs, scoring just his first postseason goal in the Game 2 overtime loss. Fans are eager to see him take that momentum booster and achieve more success as the series continues.

Nikita Zadorov delivered Edmonton and its vibrant Oilers fanbase a backhanded compliment with his comment. Zadorov said, "It's fun, they have good fans, diehard fans. I mean, there's pretty much nothing else to do in that city except watch hockey."

Though Edmonton will have Rogers Place filled with its fans, expect to see some lucky Canucks fans in the house supporting the team. If going to Edmonton is not possible, there are watch parties at both Rogers Arena and Abbotsford Center for Canucks fans. If those are not viable options, the Canucks game will be televised on TNT.