Canucks hope past success of Sedin twins can rub off on the team

The Canucks have announced some intriguing internal coaching changes, particularly getting Daniel and Henrik Sedin more involved at the NHL and AHL level.
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Mention the names of Henrik and Daniel Sedin around any Vancouver Canucks fan, and it will be almost impossible for that person not to break out into a big grin. This alludes to just how much joy the duo gave to people in the British Columbia area for nearly two decades.

The Sedin brothers are ranked as the top two points scorers in Canucks history. Both were inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame in 2022, to put an exclamation mark on their respective remarkable careers.

Now, the Canucks are hoping the twins can have some of their past success rub off, as the team aims to build on this past season and return to the days when they were a consistent contender. General manager Patrik Allvin announced on Wednesday, that Henrik and Daniel Sedin will become more involved in the day-to-day coaching activities for the organisation at both the NHL and AHL level.

Canucks GM to lean even more on the Sedins

As per an official team press release, Allvin explained the thinking behind the decision. He said: "Including the Sedins more in our day-to-day coaching duties will be hugely beneficial to our group both on and off the ice. Both Daniel and Henrik bring a very unique perspective and competitive mind set to our staff."

It is both understandable and reassuring that Allvin appreciates the value of the Sedin twins, in terms of what they mean to the Canucks and how they are helping the organisation moving forward. He said: "Daniel and Henrik have also had a seat at the table and I have leaned on them more and more as the year went on. Their knowledge and ability to teach the game is a huge plus and they fit in extremely well with our group."

Sedins forever linked to the Canucks organisation

The 43-year-old twins have spent nearly all of their adulthood involved with the Canucks organisation. Danield and Henrik were selected second and third respectively in the 1999 draft and made their NHL debuts in the first game of the 2000-01 regular season.

The Sedin brothers both retired at the conclusion of the 2017-18 season. However, as per Global News, they returned to the organisation's hockey operations department in June 2021, as special advisors to the general manager.

As per, just under a year later the Sedin brothers transitioned to new roles within Player Development, to work daily on and off the ice with young players in both Vancouver and Abbotsford. Now they will become even more involved, with everyone concerned obviously hoping they can provide as much of a positive influence off the ice, as they used to on it.

Nikita Zadorov's future with the Canucks remains uncertain. Nikita Zadorov's future with the Canucks remains uncertain. dark. Next

Allvin made a couple of other coaching change announcements on the day, including Yogi Švejkovský being promoted to assistant coach of the Canucks in place of the departed Mike Yeo. The GM also confirmed that Ian Beckenstein has been promoted from Abbotsford, to join the Canucks as an assistant video coach.

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