5 Centers the Vancouver Canucks Should Trade For

Vancouver Canucks v Calgary Flames
Vancouver Canucks v Calgary Flames / Derek Leung/GettyImages
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#3. Sean Monahan, Montreal Canadiens

If teams end up competing for his services, there's going to be high risk around Montreal Canadiens center Sean Monahan. On the other hand, if the Canucks can get something out of him, there's potential for high reward as well.

Heading into this season, there were major question marks about Monahan's health and fitness level. The 29-year-old appeared in just 25 games for the Habs in the 2022-23 season, and his production declined severely in the seasons preceding that. Monahan dealt with a torn hip labrum, a broken foot, and a groin injury in recent seasons.

Back in his Calgary Flames days, Monahan was one of the more productive centers in the entire NHL, underscored by his 82-point 2018-19 campaign. It's been all downhill since, though the veteran appears to finally be healthy, playing big minutes on a bad Canadiens team. Monahan is winning 57.7% of his faceoffs and his average ice time of 18:26 is his highest since 2018-19.

If the Canucks feel they can coax some of that scoring form back out of the Ontario native, then this is a trade they should absolutely make. Vancouver doesn't need Monahan to turn into Connor McDavid, but a player that ultimately gives them 50-60 points down the middle would be a good supplementary addition to their roster.