3 reasons the Canucks will make quick work of the Predators in Round 1 of the NHL Playoffs

The Canucks play the Nashville Predators in Round 1 of the NHL Playoffs, and it looks like a favorable one for Vancouver.
Calgary Flames v Vancouver Canucks
Calgary Flames v Vancouver Canucks / Derek Cain/GettyImages
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The Canucks are far more consistent than Nashville

Take away Nashville’s 18-game point streak, and it shows just how inconsistent the Preds were this season. Vancouver slipped up in February, but other than that, they had an incredible bounce-back month in March before they finished April with a respectable 4-3-1 record. 

We need to remember that with Nashville, they started the new year 7-9-1 before embarking on that unforgettable points streak. Even before January, they weren’t that good, boasting a 20-16-1 record, good for just 41 points, and a 91-point season when adjusted to 82 games. 

Add in the 7-9-1 record between January 2nd and February 15th, and you get 27-25-2, or 56 points in 54 games, or just 85 points in 82 contests. Following that 18-game points streak, they ended the regular season with a 4-5-1 record for just nine points. 

Go back to what Vancouver did this year, and they had one bad month, but Nashville had plenty of poor stretches. Consistency is the only way to survive in the playoffs since if you don’t win four out of every seven games, you won’t last. One team has done that far more often than the other, and it gives Vancouver an advantage.