3 reasons the Canucks will maintain their momentum against the Predators

The Vancouver Canucks beat the Predators in Game 1 of their First Round Series, and there are plenty of reasons to believe momentum has shifted early.
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That third period played a monstrous role in Game 1 

Wow, what a final 40 minutes from the Canucks, as they logged all four goals in the second and third frames combined. Three of those goals came in the final frame, one of which being an empty-netter from Joshua to prevent any late comeback.

But for a team that found itself down by a goal after the first 40 minutes, it was a momentum shifter when Pius Suter found twine with helpers from Quinn Hughes and Brock Boeser to tie the game, only for Joshua to score 12 seconds later with assists from Connor Garland and Hughes. 

For an underdog like the Predators to hold a lead against a mighty, high-scoring team like the Canucks, only to see the momentum shift within seconds, it may take a lot out of them. Sure, Vancouver could skate back out onto the ice and look flat when Game 2 rolls around, but to steal the lead in a 12-second span while nearing the 50-minute mark? 

If nothing else basically gave the Canucks momentum, it was those 12 seconds in the third that could have demoralized Nashville in at least the first leg of this series - Games 1 and 2. Vancouver only needs to enter Game 2, take control early, and make it tough for Nashville to mount any sort of comeback in this series.