3 reasons the Canucks must move Elias Lindholm by Friday’s trade deadline

Sometimes good players turn out to be bad fits, and that seems to be the case with Elias Lindholm and the Vancouver Canucks.
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On January 31st, the Vancouver Canucks made what looked like a sensible trade when they acquired Elias Lindholm from the Calgary Flames, moving a first-round pick and Andrei Kuzmenko in the process. Lindholm was supposed to help solidify what turned out to be a strong Canucks lineup, only that hasn’t been the case. 

Through 15 games in British Columbia, Lindholm has just six points after putting up 32 in 49 games during his final half-season in Calgary. Do the math, and he’s averaging 0.4 points per contest in Vancouver, down from 0.65 points per game in Calgary, a difference of 0.25. 

His average total ice time of 18:27 is the lowest it’s been since the 2017-18 season when Lindholm was still a member of the Carolina Hurricanes. He has yet to find a home anywhere in the Canucks top-nine, either on a line or at a position, so it’s safe to assume this may be the worst trade in the NHL this season. 

The Vancouver Canucks may have made a mistake trading for Elias Lindholm

Despite the pedestrian numbers, this trade, in hindsight, shouldn’t define Elias Lindholm if the Canucks admit they made a mistake and move him at Friday’s trade deadline. Sometimes, a player looks like a good fit for an organization, the organization makes a trade (or in other cases, a signing), and they learn the hard way that the player was, in reality, a bad fit. 

Maybe Vancouver hangs onto Lindholm, and he turns things around, but it seems like even the 29-year-old himself is aware of just how poorly he’s played since he arrived. Clearly, if the Canucks are moving him around the lineup, that alone is a sign that he’s been an awful fit.

But if Lindholm himself is admitting it, perhaps the Canucks should just cut its losses and move on. Let’s talk about three reasons Vancouver should find a trade partner at Friday’s trade deadline and send Lindholm elsewhere.