Considering the pros and cons of the Canucks trading for Patrik Laine

With Patrik Laine requesting a trade from the Columbus Blue Jackets, we take a look at the case for and against the Vancouver Canucks making a move for him.
Columbus Blue Jackets v Vancouver Canucks
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In conclusion

In an ideal world, Laine would be just the type of player who could immediately make the Canucks more dangerous. However, there are no guarantees -- are there ever any in fairness with a hockey player -- that he can remain healthy and perform similarly to earlier in his NHL career.

In respect of the Finland native's contract, it would be imperative for the Blue Jackets to retain some of his salary. And even then, it would still likely leave a considerable amount for the Canucks to cover, especially with them having to deal with their list of 12 pending free agents who will all be looking for more money.

On top of all this, the Blue Jackets wouldn't just be giving the player away. This leads to what they would ask for in return and if the Canucks would be able or indeed want to give up the asking price.

Still on the subject of Laine's contract, there is his own preferences on where he would like to go. Consider that he has a 10-team modified no-trade clause, and for all we know the Canucks might be on that list.

Next. Canucks face stiff competition from Leafs for key free agent. Canucks face stiff competition from Leafs for key free agent. dark

One last thing to take into account, is that this is the second time Laine has asked for a trade, which leaves him open to questions about his ability to commit to a team and his teammates. Overall, as much as the fantasy surrounding obtaining him is a positive one, the reality is that it's just too much of a gamble.

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