GOTTA SEE IT: Canucks Quinn Hughes delivers rare big hit in victory over Sabres

Chicago Blackhawks v Vancouver Canucks
Chicago Blackhawks v Vancouver Canucks / Derek Cain/GettyImages

In a tight showdown between the Vancouver Canucks and the Buffalo Sabres last night, fans witnessed an electrifying moment as the Canucks' captain unleashed a rare display of physicality, delivering a thunderous hit on Sabres forward Victor Olofsson. This impactful play not only showcased the captain's prowess on the ice but also fueled the Canucks to a thrilling 3-2 victory over their opponents.

The Vancouver Canucks captain, known for his finesse and skillful plays, surprised fans and critics alike with a display of aggressive play rarely seen from Hughes. As the game intensified, anticipation mounted, and in a split second, the captain seized the opportunity to change the momentum of the game with a decisive hit on Olofsson.

The impact of the moment reverberated throughout the arena, igniting the crowd and injecting a surge of energy into the Canucks' lineup. With renewed determination, the team rallied behind their captain's bold move, pushing harder and faster towards victory.

Hughes himself had a chuckle at the moment post game, too.

“You don’t see that much from me. It was a good feeling," Hughes said.

“It was almost like I scored a goal or something, that was funny. It’s nice being at home and we’re [at the top of the league], the fans are into it, and it’s enjoyable. "I’m definitely not a tough guy, I know my role. I don’t know if I even tried to hit him, I just tried to make sure he didn’t get by me.”

This standout performance not only showcased the captain's versatility but also underscored the hus continued evolution amid his elite, Norris-worthy season. In a league where finesse often takes center stage, the Canucks' captain reminded everyone of the value of grit.

The late first-period hit set the tone for the remainder of the tight game that ended with Vancouver delivering 29 total hits. Typically, the hit column is saved for Tyler Myers, Sam Lafferty or Vasily Podkolzin who each threw four and three hits respectively last night. However, Hughes made his lone hit count and was certainly a factor in the victory on home ice.