Don't be surprised to see another Canucks Trade, insider says

Vancouver Canucks v Carolina Hurricanes
Vancouver Canucks v Carolina Hurricanes / Jaylynn Nash/GettyImages

The Vancouver Canucks have undoubtedly already made impact deals well ahead of the 2024 NHL Trade Deadline. Now, they might even have Phil Kessel in the fold. However, don't be surprised to see another Canucks trade go down by March 8th.

Acquiring defenseman Nikita Zadorov earlier this season, and then following that with the encore in Elias Lindholm, are certainly two impact moves that any team who believes they are a contender would make. The Canucks are likely done with making huge deals like the ones they have already been involved in. However, GM Patrick Allvin has shown he's unafraid to pull the trigger on something if he believes it will make his team better.

One area that of need that a Canucks trade would certainly address is on the blue line. That's not to say that Vancouver's defense is weak. Instead, they're just a bit banged up. Zadorov has filtered in and out of the lineup lately but appears to be good to go now. However, defenseman Carson Soucy is dealing with a hand injury and is projected to miss six weeks. Perhaps, Allvin wants to strengthen the Canucks defense.

According to Elliotte Friedman who spoke with Donnie and Dhali, he wouldn't be surprised to see Allvin and the Canucks remain in the trade market for a blueliner.

"Look Soucy's hurt. Injuries happen," Friedman explained. "You can never have too many defensemen. If there's something that makes sense for him, I could see him doing it. I think they really liked Juulsen. I think they really respect what Juulsen has done this year. I just think that if there's a Stanley Cup on the line, and he can add something, he will. I don't assume that Canucks are out of anything. I just wonder how big can they go. And we and what I'm sitting here waiting for is, I'm waiting for (Chris) Tanev, I'm waiting for (Noah) Hanafin. I'm waiting for (Jake) Guentzel, and I'm waiting for (Adam) Henrique. And unless you decide you're out of those situations because you either don't like them or you don't have what it's going to take to get them then those are the four guys I think are kind of setting the market."

The Canucks already made it clear in their first few trades that they don't want to part with their big-name prospects such as Tom Willander and Jonathan Lekkerimäki. Therefore, they're likely out on the guys Friedman mentioned that are setting the market.

"Right now, Jim Rutherford is sitting there thinking, 'If there's a way I can make our team even 1% better, I'm going to do it,' Friedman explained. "I always think about that,. You look at the deal with Lindholm and you see that everything you've gave up, the normal thinking is, well, you can't do that again. And you probably can't unless you start really going into your depth of futures. But that doesn't mean he's not going to stop trying. If he sees something out there. So I always assume that Canucks are in the middle of things. They're probably out of the biggest players, unless they really give up things they haven't indicated that they want to give up so far. But, that doesn't mean he's going to stop trying."

So there you have it. The Canucks made their impact deals. Now, it's just about providing the proper support for the main cast to go on a Stanley Cup run. Vancouver has their eyes set on silver. Don't be surprised to see another Canucks trade.