4 Canucks players who shouldn’t return next season

The Vancouver Canucks are well within the playoff mix and Presidents’ Trophy contenders, but they could be even better next season.

Washington Capitals v Vancouver Canucks
Washington Capitals v Vancouver Canucks / Derek Cain/GettyImages
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While the Vancouver Canucks are well on their way to contend for the Presidents’ Trophy, it’s still never too early to talk about what they should do in the offseason. One reason is that this team has the potential to be elite from now until 2030, and even longer if general manager Patrik Allvin can think both for the present and the future. 

Not only is this an exciting time for the organization, but the loyal fans in British Columbia and all over the world deserve to see the Canucks put together a string of good seasons. While they have won the Presidents’ Trophy in the past, Vancouver has yet to put together good enough of a postseason to hoist the Stanley Cup, but the foundation is at the point where they can (and hopefully will) compete for the coming seasons.

Canucks must cut ties with the right players to maximize their success

There isn’t a single roster or lineup in the NHL that will look exactly the same year after year. What Vancouver’s current group looks like for this potential run for the Stanley Cup in 2023-24 will see some (or a lot of) variation heading into 2024-25, but the key is for Allvin to make this team better off than they were this season. 

How can Allvin put the Canucks in the best position to continue what they started in 2023-24? Refuse to bring back a few players who are in the final year of their agreements or players acquired earlier this year who aren’t working well in the organization. 

At this time, the Canucks have nine players who are pending unrestricted free agents, and maybe just under half of them will stick around. So let’s talk about the four players who need to go elsewhere for 2024-25 and will return to Vancouver, British Columbia, only in a different uniform.