Canucks: Are the Sedin twins guaranteed for the Hall of Fame?

Henrik and Daniel Sedin are franchise players for the Vancouver Canucks who have been listed as potential future Hall of Famers. Do they deserve the nod?

The Vancouver Canucks are still waiting to play hockey right now, but you know something that doesn’t wait? The call to the Hall. Yes, the NHL’s Hall of Fame is still alive and well with the latest additions of 2020 officially inducted yesterday.

Five players were named to this year’s class: Jarome Iginla, Marian Hossa, Kevin Lowe, Kim St-Pierre, and Doug Wilson who were all joining longtime NHL executive Ken Holland, in the builder category. All very well deserved.

But with the induction of 2020 already having come and gone, TSN looked forward to the eligibility list of 2021 and two very big names to the Canucks’ organization popped up. Actually, headlining the class of 2021 as the front-runners to be selected for the Hall are Daniel and Henrik, the Sedin twins.

Yes, the most iconic twins in all of sports appear to be next in line for their big day of well-deserved recognition, but will they actually receive it? That’s a big question. A lot of players of the past who seemed like surefire selections were actually forced to wait. Who knows how long it will be until the Sedin brothers are inducted. Just ask Pavel Bure. He was eligible for six years before receiving the call.

Different from the Russian Rocket himself, the Sedins have a few unique advantages they can add to their resume in hopes of an earlier selection. Both twins played over 1400 games. They each won back-to-back Art Ross Trophies. Both twins finished with over 1,100 points, and are the only brothers in NHL history to both reach 1000.

They may not have brought the Canucks their first-ever Stanley Cup, but it was twin magic that got Vancouver all the way to game seven. The one-brain connection was special, it brought nearly 20 seasons of entertainment, and that’s enough reason right there for a nod to the Hall.

What do you think Canucks fans? Will we see the Sedins in the NHL’s Hall of Fame one day? My money says it’s a guarantee as early as next year.