The Canuck Way’s All-Time Canucks roster is here

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Henrik Sedin #33 and Daniel Sedin #22 of the Vancouver Canucks (Photo by Jeff Vinnick/NHLI via Getty Images)

After TSN released their version of the Vancouver Canucks’ All-Time roster, The Canuck Way explores what the team could look like with no restrictions.

On Monday morning, TSN released what they believe to be the best possible version of the Vancouver Canucks‘ All-Time lineup. With 50 seasons worth of roster players to choose from, there was much debate between fans within the hockey universe on who exactly would make the final cut.

All said and done, there was never going to be a version that would leave the entire fanbase happy. Plenty of players have made their way through the rankings in Vancouver going on to be tremendous talents, but unfortunately, there’s only room for 20 players to make the final roster.

To make things a little more structured, TSN set up a list of criteria to confirm eligibility. Most importantly out of those set of rules was each player must have played a minimum of 225 regular-season games for the team. With the Canucks’ current core consisting of all young guns under 24, that rule left a couple of future franchise players off the team.

With that in mind, The Canuck Way decided to release their version of the Canucks’ All-Time roster. The only rule here though is that there are no criteria to follow, no restrictions, just pure talent regardless of the number of games played for each player. Let’s dive in.

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