Canucks: 3 takeaways from 9-3 slaughter over Bruins

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Bo Horvat delivers Gordie Howe hat-trick

If anyone needed to stand up for the Canucks, it was Bo Horvat. If you caught the game on Saturday night, you knew damn well Horvat delivered an all-around tremendous performance. And better yet, he got the message across. Vancouver is a serious hockey club, and aren’t going to be tossed around anymore.

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The captain went to work and made his statement on the ice. A Gordie Howe hat-trick that helped fuel the Canucks to a massive 9-3 slaughter of their 2011 nemesis. Oh, how good it feels to get the best of the Bruins.

Horvat appears to know how much the win means to the fanbase. He was truly excellent. When the team needed it most, he dropped the gloves and took care of business. Exactly what you want from your captain against an Eastern Conference juggernaut like the Bruins.

His power-play goal in the first period, his 19th goal of the season and it was a thing of beauty. With the puck down low, Horvat streaking to the net, wide open in front he had time to bury the puck past the Bruins.

Horvat had time to skate onto the puck and get his best shot off. His foot on the gas from start to finish. He added a primary assist to polish off the perfect start to finish performance. Possibly his best game of the season, and it came at the perfect time.