Micheal Ferland: What his concussion means for Canucks

Only a period of hockey and Ferland’s concussion symptoms returned. It’s in his best interest to be shut down for the year. What does this mean for Vancouver?

Vancouver Canucks tough guy Micheal Ferland was briefly back in game action on Friday night, lacing up the skates for the Utica Comets on what was supposed to be a short and sweet conditioning stint before his long-awaited return to the NHL. It was his first time playing hockey since Dec. 11, his time on the ice remained short, but the results were anything but sweet.

After missing the majority of the season due to a lingering offseason concussion, TSN reported that Ferland stated he was ready to play hockey again. Not only did he sound confident he was 100 percent ready to go, but he stated he was ready to return and play with that physical edge the Canucks are paying him for.

That didn’t appear to be the case on Friday night and now it’s hard to think that he will ever play hockey again this year, let alone playing the game with an aggressive style, symptom-free.

Ferland was shut down yet again after he showed signs of his concussion following the conclusion of just one period of play. Talk about bad luck for a guy who just wants to get back to playing hockey and helping his teammates.

So what now? If you ask me, it’s probably in his best interest to be shut down for the remainder of the 2019-20 campaign. As much as the big man wants to play the game he loves, his health has to come first and someone has to step in and make that decision for him. Ferland isn’t the type of person who’s gonna back down, but his health is hanging by a thread, something he really needs to let sink in.

If Ferland wants to play his crash and bang style of hockey (the only way he knows how to play), it’s time for the Canucks to offer Ferland the “Sidney Crosby” approach to this lingering concussion — in fact, it might already be too late. There wasn’t really much of a significant moment that stuck out in any of these repercussions and that’s a scary situation to be in. Even though Ferland was confident he was ready, clearly he’s not. You can’t pinpoint any moment in particular and that has to be a bad sign. If he wants to save his career, it’s time for Ferland to throw in the towel for the 2019-20 season.

But what does this mean for the Canucks? Ferland was a big part of Jim Benning’s playoff plans, but it’s fair to say he’ll probably be back on the LTIR. Benning is hungry for playoff hockey, and with the absence of Ferland, maybe the Wayne Simmonds trade rumours will heat up again. It definitely makes it interesting for Vancouver and the close approaching trade deadline.