Canucks: Our favourite moments from the Sedin twins

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With the Vancouver Canucks celebrating Sedin Week, the writers at TCW rallied together to share their favourite moments through the twins’ legendary careers.

On Wednesday the Vancouver Canucks organization will raise the jersey numbers of Daniel and Henrik Sedin to the rafters, officially retiring the numbers 22 and 33. An absolute no-brainer for the franchise as the magical twin brothers put their heart and soul into Van City for nearly 20 straight years.

When their once in a lifetime hockey story came to an incredible finish, the twins had their names all over the Canucks’ history books, with some records left to stand for decades to come. The mark they left on not only Vancouver, but the entire hockey world was something truly special, possibly even something that can never be done again.

They changed the game, invented the “Sedin tip” and left Canucks fans with tons of memories of magical “Sedinery”. From two fragile kids, all the way to powerful puck movers who could cycle the puck around you in circles, the Sedin twins were truly two of a kind — and together they were unstoppable.

Here at The Canuck Way, our staff looked back at the long, successful career of the twins and put together our favourite moments through Sedin history. A plethora of great games and moments, but we narrowed it down to each of our individual favourites. We hope you enjoy looking back at these as much as we do. The twins were truly something amazing, their highlight package never gets old.