Canucks: Analyzing their 5-on-5 play so far this season

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Hughes in control

Without a doubt, Quinn Hughes has been the team’s best defenseman this year. Every aspect of his game has been so much fun to watch, but which defence partner has worked out the best for the 20-year-old?

Hughes has spent most of the season partnered with Christopher Tanev. While playing together, they have posted a Corsi For percentage of 50.24, but they’ve been outscored 16 to 23. Tanev was my first pick as to who would be the most beneficial to Hughes, due to how responsible he is in his own end.

The other defensive partner Hughes has spent time with is Tyler Myers. When they are paired together, Hughes and Myers boast a 56.81 Corsi For percentage, and they’ve outscored the opponent 17-10.

Both Myers and Hughes bring offense, and they both like to pinch in the offensive zone, which may explain why they control the play more than when Hughes plays with Tanev. Myers is also reliable enough that, for the most part, is capable of getting back in position if caught pinching.

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Flying like an Eagle

Alexander Edler, for a large part of the seaso, n has had Myers as his defence partner. To clarify, Myers has spent of 360:18 together with Edler, and 254:28 with Hughes.

Now, when Myers and Edler have played together recorded a 53.31 Corsi For percentage, though they have been outscored 17-15.

The other player that has seen a lot of time with Edler is Troy Stecher. While they are paired together, Canucks have scored nine goals while allowing eight. While they haven’t controlled the play as much, I’d like this pairing since they’re both two-way defencemen who know when to hold the line or when to back off.