Canucks: 3 takeaways from 2-1 win over Rangers

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Canucks pay tribute to ’94 team

Saturday night’s game was the third of four times this season Canucks fans got to set their eyes on those beloved jerseys. Not only that but the Canucks organization planned a secret appearance from multiple ’94 fan favourites during the opening ceremony.

The arrival of some of the greatest former Canucks from the ’90s brought the fans to their feet. A burst of loud cheers (perhaps the loudest) could be heard for legendary goalie, Kirk McLean when he hit the ice and acknowledged the people. Memories of his famous two-pad stack came rushing back. You know, the jaw-dropping stop he made to save the playoff series against Calgary?

He was joined by two Canuck greats on the blueline, Canadian Dave Babych and the Finnish, Jyrki Lumme. But you can’t overlook arguably the team’s best-ever fighter, king of the donnybrook, Gino Odjick, who was welcomed warmly as well as forwards Cliff Ronning and Greg Adams.

It was a fitting touch to the Era Series battle, and it helped set the tempo for a fast-paced hockey game. Legendary players of the team’s past showing up at special events helps give our current roster something to look up to and strive to become. When you put in the blood sweat and tears for the Canucks, you become a Canuck for life. That’s the message here.