Full Vancouver Canucks alternate jersey game schedule

The Vancouver Canucks released four new jerseys prior to their 50th anniversary season. Here is when you can expect to see the two alternates in action.

The Vancouver Canucks are embracing their colourful past and their bright future. They’re one of the few teams around the NHL that can boast changing their colour scheme multiple times over their 50 years in the league, but they’re sure doing a good job of it so far.

The home opener saw legends such as Todd Bertuzzi and Kirk McLean skate out onto the ice wearing retro Canucks jerseys from their eras. McLean in particular, was wearing replica goalie equipment to what his setup used to look like, and dug out his old iconic mask for the night, too. McLean and Bertuzzi both looked as though they had walked out of a time machine and were both ready to play in the actual game.

McLean was wearing the Adidas version of the black flying skate, an alternate jersey that the Canucks will wear this season, along with their heritage jersey, which debuted in Saturday night’s victory over the Philadelphia Flyers. The majority of fans seem to be more excited to see the skate jersey, but here’s when you can expect to see both alternates in action.

Heritage Jersey Games

The Canucks will be playing in their reimagined stick in rink “Heritage” alternates on the following days:

October 25th vs. Washington Capitals

November 10th vs. New Jersey Devils

December 7th, 17th, and 28th vs. Buffalo Sabres, Montreal Canadiens, L.A. Kings

January 18th vs. San Jose Sharks

February 8th and 22nd vs. Calgary Flames, Boston Bruins

March 15th, 25th vs. Winnipeg Jets, San Jose Sharks

April 4th vs. Vegas Golden Knights

Black flying skate jersey

The Canucks black flying skate jersey is the one that most fans appear to be excited for. In my opinion, it is the nicest of the Canucks’ four jerseys that they will wear this season. Unfortunately, the Canucks will only wear the jersey three times this season.

November 16th vs. Colorado Avalanche

January 4th vs New York Rangers

February 10th vs. Nashville Predators

Some fans have expressed a desire to see the flying skate come back as the team’s main uniform, but it doesn’t appear that’s in the plans anytime soon. For now, we can look forward to seeing the heritage jersey, and really cherish those nights where the Canucks will be back in black.