Vancouver Canucks: Top 3 Jake Virtanen moments from 2018/19

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As we continue to look back at the 2018/19 season, one player led a revolution in Vancouver. Jake Virtanen had Vancouver Canucks fans all riled up at times this season – we look back at his top three moments from the season just ended.

Shotgun Jake is a movement that will take some time to die, and is one that I suspect Vancouver Canucks fans will still be talking about in 20 years’ time. Jake Virtanen began the 2018/19 season amid a frenzy of excitement, with eight goals through his first 20 games along with a couple of assists making us all feel like Jake had finally “figured it out”.

Sadly for Jake — and for us — that feeling did not stay with us throughout the season. With just seven goals and eight assists in 50 games after that, the 2018/19 season was one that showed a lot of promise, but has left Canucks fans still wanting more. Will we ever get to see Virtanen become a top-six power forward, or is he destined to be a Raffi Torres-type contributor from the third line?

As The Canucks Way looks back at the 2018/19 season, today we look at the top three moments from Virtanen’s season. No surprises what number one will be.