Vancouver Canucks: The 5 options for Loui Eriksson

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4: Could Loui retire?

You enjoy your job, you’re one of the very best at it in the entire world, every game you play etched your name deeper into the annals of your profession, and you earn $6m every single year in doing so.

Would you retire?

There is absolutely no chance that Loui Eriksson walks away from his contract. While much older veterans like the Florida Panthers goalie Roberto Luongo may consider walking away from the last three years of a deal, Luongo’s deal only pays him just over 1/3rd that Eriksson’s deal pays Loui.

I listed this as an option as, technically, Loui could retire. But I would rather see him back with the Canucks for the next three years than see him sail off into the sunset, because he is a good guy who gets an unfair amount of criticism, and his contract is not entirely his fault.