Vancouver Canucks: The 5 options for Loui Eriksson

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3: Bury him in Utica

This is an option I’m coming round to more and more. The Canucks would save some salary by waiving Loui and sending him to Utica – enough to bring in a younger player on an ELC – and would provide Utica with some invaluable veteran leadership at a time when their latest season has seen more chopping and changing than any season in the Comets’ history. It wouldn’t be fun for Loui though, and isn’t the way to build a positive relationship with your best-paid employee.

This is a legitimate option for the Vancouver Canucks. Eriksson’s contract does not stop the Canucks from waiving him and sending him to the AHL and, while he is solid defensively, there is an ever-growing section of the Canucks fanbase that simply wants to see Loui’s roster spot go to a younger, faster, more dynamic forward.

Frankly, I don’t believe Jim Benning would consider this as a legitimate option, as it sends the wrong message to potential future big-name UFA signings. But Trader Jim can certainly show Loui Eriksson that this is one of his options going forward, and perhaps force a trade that way.