Vancouver Canucks: Three NHL prospects if they pick 11 to 20th: Part 2

Vancouver Canucks Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)
Vancouver Canucks Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images) /
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(Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images) /

We are still months away from the draft, but it’s hard to not look ahead with our city hosting it. Let’s do it all again and look into some more options for the Vancouver Canucks if they draft 11-20th at this years draft.

In my previous article, we looked at how the Vancouver Canucks have locked down some tough positions to fill recently. The centre core is strong and left defence has a promising future with Quinn Hughes, Olli Juolevi, Jack Rathbone, Ben Hutton and who knows, I might as well say it, Nikita Tryamkin.

It’s been a while since we have heard from BFG, the last time was on a Canucks Instagram live video.

Aside from that pipe dream, why don’t we explore some players who could actually be in a Canucks uniform in a few years. This article is aimed at more of a positional need instead of best player available for the Canucks, as we look at two right-handed shot defencemen and a winger who could possibly project into being a top six player.

These players are not ranked in any order for me, I may give my idea on who I believe is the best prospect of the bunch in the conclusion but for now the idea of these articles is to inform you about the possible prospects for the Canucks and what my take is on these young men who will be featured in the 2019 draft.

There are many of 2019 draft prospects that fit this category, this draft could see up to four or possibly five right-handed defencemen be drafted in the first 31 picks. So without boring you with anymore of this 344 word introduction why don’t we just dive right into the prospects that we will talking about in this article.