Canucks should help Dante Fabbro and the Nashville Predators

Vancouver Canucks Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)
Vancouver Canucks Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images) /

With the Nashville Predators having the strongest top 4 defence core in the league, there is simply no room for a top young prospect like Dante Fabbro to come in and make a discernible impact. The Canucks should take full advantage of this and try to acquire his rights.

The Vancouver Canucks defensive prospects, an area considered a barren wasteland not too long ago, is now starting to take decent shape. With players like Quinn Hughes, Olli Juolevi, and Jett Woo in the fold, there is certainly promise. That being said, there is still room to improve, and the Canucks can most certainly use another high-end prospect in this area.

The only problem is that defence prospects don’t just become readily expendable overnight. More than ever, many in the league see them as highly valuable commodities since it is extremely tough to acquire a high-end defenceman via trade or free agency.

However, with the Nashville Predators re-signing defenceman Ryan Ellis to a massive 8 year, $50 million deal, a top prospect may have just become available.

I am speaking of Nashville Predator’s 2016 first round pick (and Coquitlam native) Dante Fabbro.

A quick look at Dante Fabbro’s prospect profile courtesy of Elite Prospects journalist Curtis Joe, shows a player with top 4 potential.

"Dante Fabbro is a dependable two-way defenseman with high offensive upside. He plays with poise and makes mature, high-percentage decisions under pressure. In his own end, he is proactive with both his body and stick, and does everything right to interrupt passing lanes and win back possession. With the puck on his stick, he is mobile at an elite level and can direct plays like a quarterback. He possesses a hard and accurate release on his shot, that he gets off quickly and on-net. All-in-all, a complete defenseman that plays a refined game at both ends of the ice."

The only problem for Fabbro is that he might not have the chance to showcase his skills with the Nashville Predators. With the likes of PK SubbanRoman JosiMattias Ekholm, and now Ryan Ellis all signed to long-term deals, there is simply no room for Fabbro to play big minutes in the foreseeable future.

Which begs the question, why should Fabbro even consider signing with the Predators?

If Fabbro decides to play two more years with Boston University, he can become a free agent and sign with any team he chooses. But why would Fabbro want to “waste” (is it really a waste if you’re studying in a top-notch school) time when he could play in the NHL? Why would the Predators risk losing a top prospect for nothing?

The Canucks should help their fellow NHL team (its only the polite thing to do) and take Dante Fabbro off their hands. With Fabbro in the fold, the Canucks defence core in a few years could be one of the strongest in the league.

This is best for everyone involved. The Preadators can get good assets back while Fabbro’s value is still high. Fabbro would be given every opportunity to play top minutes for the Canucks and be a difference maker. The Canucks get a player who could be an amazing compliment to a Hughes or Juolevi. It’s a win-win-win!

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The price for Fabbro would probably have to include prospects going the other way, but the Canucks are in a position where they can part with one of their forward prospects for a defence prospect. My hypothetical offer would be Kole Lind and a 2nd round pick for Dante Fabbro.

What do you think Canucks fans? What would be a deal that would make sense for both teams involved?