Vancouver Canucks preview: The Kings are dead, long live King Boeser

VANCOUVER, BC - DECEMBER 28: Brock Boeser /
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Keys to victory

Vancouver Canucks

  1. Flawless goaltending. A huge ask, given the recent play of both goalies, but this is how they must win. Couple this with boring team defence and Travis Green will get the 1-0 win he desperately desires (based on his player deployment).
  2. Even strength scoring form everyone. The Canucks can’t rely on Boeser’s line to produce four goals and live on the power play for the rest. LA boasts the league’s best penalty kill, so power play goals may come few and far between.
  3. Pray that the Kings take them lightly. LA has the fourth best record in the NHL and have been one of the juggernauts of the West this season. However, the Roxy tends to do a number on Drew Doughty when he plays in Vancouver, so the game could go either way.

Los Angeles

  1. Get to Nilsson early. Unlike Jacob Markstrom, Nilsson won’t give up as many soft opportunities. If the Canucks fall down a few goals within the first five minutes, there is no way they are mounting a comeback.
  2. Suffocate the Canucks. Sending shot after shot after shot will be how you beat Nilsson. Not even he can stop over 40 shots if his team won’t play in front of him. Green’s system is easy to read and gum up in the neutral zone.
  3. Play physical and fast. The Canucks rely on speed, but are not among the elite in the NHL. Take the physical side of the game to them, because Alex Biega seems to be the only player hitting back. Canucks have had little push back this month, so continue to beat them down.


Scott Rosenhek

104. Final. 0. 67. 1

Travis Green is will have his dream come true. The Canucks are going to cling to a one goal lead for as long as they can, even if it takes most of the game. King Boeser will score the loan goal and Nilsson will put a performance of a lifetime on display. Another terrible game for Hockey Night in Canada, but a win’s a win, right? Even if this hurts our lottery odds down the line.

Alex Hoegler

2. 67. 3. 104. Final

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They took it to a superior Blackhawks team, and they match up well with an older and slower Kings team. Boeser (who else), nets the winner.