Vancouver Canucks: Sedin twins pen letter to fans

VANCOUVER, BC - April 2: Henrik Sedin
VANCOUVER, BC - April 2: Henrik Sedin /

Vancouver Canucks legends Daniel and Henrik Sedin penned a letter to the fans, which included yet another vow that they have no intention nor desire to play anywhere else. See what else they had to say below.

The Vancouver Canucks are in a rebuilding stage, which has caused many to speculate if they would trade away aging veterans Daniel and Henrik Sedin. On paper, there are many reasons why a deal makes sense.

For one, rebuilding teams simply try to get younger — and trading away veteran players helps them acquire young assets that can help in the future. But for the Sedins sake, a trade makes sense so that they can pursue a Stanley Cup championship together.

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Because let’s be honest, the Canucks aren’t anywhere close to a Cup right now, unless Sidney Crosby demands a trade to Vancouver. And we all know that isn’t happening.

The Sedins are 37 years of age, and will probably be retired by the time Vancouver ices a championship contender. As everyone knows, general manager Jim Benning and the Sedin twins have never expressed an interest to seek a trade.

Given their ages and the fact they’re in contract years, many can’t help but wonder if the Canucks would try to deal the twins.

But don’t count on it.

In case you needed more confirmation of a trade not happening, Daniel and Henrik made their message loud and clear in a letter entitled “Dear Vancouver” for The Players’ Tribune. Here’s what Daniel had to say:

"People say our window for winning a Cup has closed, but we have said it before, and we will say it again. We won’t play anywhere else. If we are going to win a Stanley Cup, if we are going to achieve our dream, we’d only want it to be in Vancouver. If we did it anywhere else, I don’t think it would feel the same."

In the letter, the twins also talked about how Vancouver is their real home, and how the city has given a lot to each player and their families. They even mentioned about being on a line with Anson Carter! Remember him?

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Daniel also discussed about how they always “believe in their team”, and after next season, they’ll “see where we’re at and what we want to do.” Henrik also joined Daniel in saying “If we’re going to win a Cup, we only want it to be with Vancouver – that will never change.”

This is how they ended the letter:

"But whatever happens, we are Canucks, and we will always be Canucks, and this will always be our home.Sincerely,Henrik and Daniel"

Well  fans, there you (probably), have it. The Canucks organization and the twins are only interested in staying loyal to each other. Like it or not, the Sedins don’t want to play anywhere else and would rather finish their careers off in the place they started.

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Barring any unforeseen circumstances or a change of heart from either party, you can expect the twins to finish out their NHL careers in Vancouver. The only question at this point is how much more they have left in the tank.