Vancouver Canucks Rumours: Tyson Barrie a Possibility?


Tyson Barrie in a Vancouver Canucks uniform? Regardless of how implausible that might be, it certainly is an enticing idea to kick around.

“The Vancouver Canucks acquire defenceman Tyson Barrie from the Colorado Avalanche for…” Would that not be a pleasant thing to wake up to for Vancouver Canucks fans?

At this point, there is no concrete evidence that Tyson Barrie, a 24-year-old right-handed defenceman, is actively on the Avalanche tradeblock. Barrie’s contract, which is paying him $3.2 million this season, expires in 2016 and he will become a restricted free agent. After a handful of rumblings in the past weeks, Barrie’s name is starting to get thrown around thanks to Sportsnet’s Elliot Friedman and his “30 Thoughts”.

"If Colorado decides it can’t (or won’t) sign Tyson Barrie, wonder if Vancouver, badly needing a defenceman, makes a play.Would the Canucks do Ben Hutton and Jake Virtanen? Could see them trying Virtanen and Yannick Weber, but I’m not sure that would be enough. Just spitballing."

Barrie is a potential star defenceman. Perhaps undersized at 5-foot-10 and 190 pounds, the speculation is that Barrie’s next contract is going to be a tough one for Avalanche GM Joe Sakic. The hockey world expects him to ink a long-term contract with an annual salary upwards of $5.5 Million. But if you recognize the name Pat Morris, you know exactly what I am going to say next.

Pat Morris is the player agent of Tyson Barrie and Ryan O’Reilly. Morris was the one behind the O’Reilly contract mayhem, and you can’t help but  wonder if good ol’ Morris has another stalemate contract negotiation left in him for Barrie.

That is good news for the Canucks, in case you were wondering. Although again, this is mere speculation.

The more you look at this Tyson Barrie, the more you realize that Vancouver needs him and that Barrie fits right in.

The Case for Tyson Barrie

A deal to Vancouver would be nothing but joy for Tyson Barrie

Tyson Barrie was born right here in British Columbia, in the province’s beautiful capital Victoria. A trade to Vancouver would be a great hockey story — a homecoming for the former Kelowna Rocket. It is a chance for him to become a hometown favourite in a hockey-mad market, leaving behind a Colorado organization that ranked only 23rd in league attendance during the 2014-15 season.

Vancouver Canucks would adore Tyson Barrie

Alright, let’s calm down a little bit. Looking at the current state of the Canucks blue line will just do that for you. You got a struggling Chris TanevAlex Edler pairing, perhaps one of the lesser top-pairings in the league, according to their recent play. Skip an injured Dan Hamhuis, and you got a growing pair of Ben Hutton and Alex Biega mixed with mobile-yet-imperfect Matt Bartkowski and Luca “Pizza” Sbisa. Oh right – Yannick Weber.

Tyson Barrie? He cracks the Vancouver top four immediately and becomes the team’s third-best defenceman. He has a tremendous offensive upside, and while not known for his hitting game, he is proving to be a solid defenceman for a struggling Avalanche crew. 19 points in 29 games is nothing short of brilliance in Colorado.

Also, at just 24 years of age, Barrie fits right in with the up-and-coming rebuild generation. Imagine Barrie pairing with 25-year-old Tanev! Besides a lack of physicality, that pairing would be a heck of a dynamic duo.

As Yannick Weber sneaks out through Free Agency, Tyson Barrie will be an upgrade on the blue line offence. Weber’s four assists on the season is effectively eclipsed by Barrie’s 19 points, seven of which have come on the powerplay.

As for Elliot Friedman’s mention of Virtanen and Hutton, that is too counter-productive an idea for Vancouver. Why give up youth… to get youth? The Avalanche are also on the look-out for a defenceman. Why not Hamhuis and his experience? Here’s a suggestion.

Slamming on the breaks

TCW editor Janik Beichler asked to add his opinion on the matter as well.

"Tyson Barrie in a Canucks uniform is definitely one of the more exciting trade rumours that are out there right now. Unfortunately, I will have to slam on the breaks and say that there is perhaps a two percent chance of it actually happening. Avalanche fans are getting extremely excited about their future top four of Chris Bigras-Erik Johnson and Nikita Zadorov-Tyson Barrie, with Brandon Gormley in there somewhere as well. If everything works out as planned, those five players are Colorado’s future blue line. A lot will have to happen to change that — like terrible contract negotiations. The only scenario in which the Avalanche would even consider dealing Barrie is if contract negotiations went the way they did with O’Reilly. Unless Barrie demands something absolutely insane — like a seven-year, $60 million contract, the Avalanche will re-sign him. More from Canucks NewsCanucks are in “wash, rinse, repeat” mode after Monday’s 5-1 lossCanucks send Jack Rathbone and Vasily Podkolzin down to AbbotsfordCanucks acquire Ethan Bear, Lane Pederson from CarolinaBrock Boeser, Curtis Lazar placed on injury reserveCanucks officially unveil Reverse Retro jersey in latest aesthetic changeNow, for the sake of the argument, what would it take to get Barrie to Vancouver? If Barrie left, the Avalanche would need a defenceman in return. Bigras, Zadorov and Gormley are all projects and there is no guarantee that they will become what the Avalanche wants them to be. Unfortunately, a 33-year-old Hamhuis won’t cut it. If I were the Avalanche, I would definitely ask for Tanev or Hutton. Back in my role as Canucks GM, Tanev and Hutton are staying. How about Alex Edler? That could be a start. Along with Edler, Vancouver would have to give up something more that makes the Avalanche better. Chris Higgins? Certainly not. Yannik Weber? Certainly not. There is little doubt that the Avalanche would ask for one of the Canucks’ forward prospects. Jake Virtanen? Jared McCann? Even Bo Horvat? As the Canucks, we have to say no, right? From the Avalanche’s point of view, I would consider the following trade. Canucks Get Tyson Barrie Avalanche Get Alexander Edler, Jake Virtanen As the Canucks, I definitely say no to that. You see, even if the Avalanche decided to trade Barrie, the Canucks don’t necessarily have the right return — or at least not a return Vancouver would be willing to give up. Chances are that one out of the 28 other teams would. Then we have to remember that Vancouver would be the team having to pay Barrie’s absolutely insane contract. The way things look right now, this is extremely unlikely to happen."

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So, what would you do if you were the Vancouver Canucks? Is Tyson Barrie someone Vancouver should pursue? Then, at what cost? As Friedman suggests, does Vancouver touch Hutton and Virtanen? With the roster freeze set to happen this weekend, you can bet that the trade market is just starting to rumble before the big names start moving.

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