Can The Canucks Depend On Eddie Lack While Miller Is Out?


With starting goaltender Ryan Miller still out another 3-5 weeks, the Canucks have to rely on a Lack/Markstrom goalie tandem until the end of the season.  Can the Canucks still make the playoffs with this goalie tandem, more specifically, with Lack as the starter?  I believe they can!

Most Canuck fans are saying that Eddie Lack can not be a starter, however, Since Miller has been sidelined, we have a -2 goal differential and have 3 wins, 2 losses and 1 OT loss, which includes 1 ‘shared’ shutout for Lack (that was the Islanders game where Miller was injured).  Since Miller has been out, we have collected 7 out of a possible 12 points.  Honestly, that is not bad for a back up who is all of a sudden thrust into the position of starting goalie.

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Check out my article on back up goalies.  In that article, I discuss how back up goalies are probably one of the most underrated positions in all of hockey.  Now imagine being the back up and all of a sudden being told that you are the go to guy.  I think Lack just needs some time to adjust to being the number one guy.  Ya, I know he was in the same situation last season, however, this is completely different.  This year, he knows that Miller will be back close to play-off time, so he just has to be the number one guy for a few weeks.  Last season, he had to be the number one guy indefinitely, which might have to been too much for him.  Now that Lack has one more year of experience in the NHL under his belt and the fact that he knows Miller will be coming back, I think Lack can definitely handle the number 1 job for a few weeks.

I want to take a look at the last 2 goals let in by Lack.  Lack let in 2 goals against the Coyotes on March 5.  Take a look at the second of the Coyotes goals.  Lack makes the initial save (what a save that was!)  and then Mcginn gets his own rebound (he was not being covered) and put it in.  Note that there was about 6 guys in front of Lack when that puck went in.  Look at the first goal by the Coyotes.  Rieder gets a shot off from about 1 foot in front of Lack.  Again, the D (in this case Stanton) was not properly covering his man (Rieder) and was not tieing up his stick.  I acknowledge the fact that Lack did lose sight of the puck , however, Stanton should have been there to tie up Rieder’s stick.

Mar 5, 2015; Glendale, AZ, USA; Arizona Coyotes left wing Tye McGinn (20) and Vancouver Canucks goalie Eddie Lack (31) and Vancouver Canucks defenseman Yannick Weber (6) watch a loose puck during the second period at Gila River Arena. Mandatory Credit: Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

What is my point in going through 1 game worth of goals against?  My point is that just because Lack lets a goal in, it should not be 100% on him.  The defense should also share the blame when there is a goal against.  I know that was only 1 game and sure, Lack has let in some goals that he should not have, however, I have seen more instances of where the D is more to blame than Lack.  If you look at Lack’s goals against, you will not see many goals (comparatively to his saves) where you can say “damn, Lack should of had that!”.

I think Lack can really carry this team to the playoffs, as he definitely has the ability and skill to do it.  Do you agree?  Vote in the poll below and let me know!