Vancouver Canucks: Kevin Bieksa shines in fitness testing at training camp (VIDEO)


Jan 29, 2014; Vancouver, British Columbia, CAN; Vancouver Canucks defenseman Kevin Bieksa (3) awaits start of the play against the Chicago Blackhawks during the second period at Rogers Arena. The Chicago Blackhawks won 5-2. Mandatory Credit: Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

Everyone who has played competitive sports knows that the first day of training camp means fitness testing at most levels of sports played by people past the age of 10. From high school to the National Hockey League there are few exceptions to this rule as coaches look to see who trained over the offseason and measure the level of fitness on their team. That was the case in Whistler on Friday as the Vancouver Canucks were put through the paces in strength and conditioning tests to begin camp.

Luckily thanks to the Vancouver Canucks YouTube account (one of the best in the league by the way), the fitness testing was not excluded from their Day 1 training camp coverage as strength and conditioning coach Roger Takahashi discussed which players on the team excelled in the fitness tests. Takahashi pointed out that the Sedin twins did well in the pull ups, something that may be a surprise to those who perceive the skilled European players as “soft” as some of the strongest on the team. Unsurprisingly Kevin Bieksa was praised throughout the video, even being pointed out as one of the best on the team in the shuttle run showing the dedication the veteran puts in at playing at a high level.

Seeing as this is a video put together by the team to promote how good of shape the Canucks players are in we did not get to know who is the least fit on the team. So nobody will be able to hand out the “Phil Kessell Award” for least in shape player on the roster just quite yet. But in the best time of year to be positive why not bask in the fact that Kevin Bieksa’s cardio is really good to start the season and try to act like that will have a drastic impact on the Canucks success? Something this video achieves really well in doing as allegedly some of the most important Canucks veterans are leading by example in the weight room as well as on the ice.

This is pretty fun training camp fluff for those who are interested in spending some not quite preseason time watching various Canucks players exercise for 2:15. Like watching a day at your local gym, except with world class athletes who make significantly more money.