Canucks: Roussel’s Impact, Hughes’ greatness and more

On the latest episode of The Canuck Way Podcast with David Quadrelli and myself, we discuss the positive effect that Antoine Roussel has had upon returning as well as Quinn Hughes’ exuding excellence.

Since his return to the Canucks lineup, Antoine Roussel has infused the team with renewed vigour and life. He boosted the third line’s production with a natural-born chemistry with Adam Gaudette.

With three goals in two games played already, depth scoring has carried a lot of the weight and thus given the first line some much needed support. Along with the offensive jump, the energy that he ignites the team with enthusiastic goal celebrations.

It is nice to see the Canucks have such well-rounded offence but it has come at the expense of scoring chances coming the other way as well. The high event playing style that they have deployed is very exciting to watch but isn’t a habit of good teams.

This season’s Canucks are young, inexperienced, entertaining, and fun. The game against the Pittsburgh Penguins showcased an elite and experienced veteran that nearly singlehandedly powered his team back to an 8-6 victory.  They will get there soon, but they need time to grow.

One of the few indisputable (rather, should be) facts is that Quinn Hughes has been a lot more effective on both ends of the ice than he has been credited for amongst fans. In a spirited soliloquy, David Quadrelli went off on fans that are in denial of the rookie’s obviously elite talent calling the narrative “lazy”.

David couldn’t be more correct. Not only is it old fashioned and obtuse to look merely at the physical stature of a player to determine their contributions defensively, but it is also lazy and simply put — wrong. Hughes exhibits elite skating, elite puck-moving ability, elite vision, and elite hockey IQ. One might say that he is — well, elite. Which is by no means a knock on the grizzled veteran.

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