Canucks News: Trading Henrik Sedin and Daniel Sedin

Vancouver Canucks legends Henrik and Daniel Sedin will retire as Canucks. Unless they got traded.

Almost every team in the NHL has a player or two that are known even by people who don’t care about hockey. (Yes, according to rumours there really are people who don’t care about hockey. But that’s not my business.) For the Vancouver Canucks, those two have been Swedish twins Henrik Sedin and Daniel Sedin for at least the last decade.

Could you imagine watching Canucks hockey without them soon?

Worse yet, could you imagine watching the Canucks play against them?

I personally can’t picture it. But there are people suggesting the Canucks could and even should trade the twins. Like Jonathan Willis of Yahoo! Sports.

Trading the Twins

Jonathan Willis (Yahoo! Sports) — Why the Canucks Should Trade the Sedin Twins

There are a lot of impediments standing in the way of the Vancouver Canucks trading Henrik and Daniel Sedin.

General manager Jim Benning is on record saying the brothers should retire as Canucks. Team president Trevor Linden echoes those comments. The twins themselves hold no-move clauses, allowing them to thwart any trade attempt that fails to meet their approval. They’re also 36 years old and boast matching $7-million cap hits which extend into next season.

The possibility is worth considering anyway, because not only is such a trade workable but it would be very much in Vancouver’s interest.

If the Sedins weren’t the Sedins, i.e. if they hadn’t been with the Canucks for almost my entire lifetime, I’d clearly say they should be traded. They are old — at least pro-athlete-old — and declining quickly. With the Canucks in desperate need of a rebuild, there is literally no point in keeping them around, when they could bring draft picks to Vancouver instead.

But there are some issues with that.

  1. The Sedins are the Sedins and I couldn’t imagine the Canucks without them.
  2. The twins both have no-movement clauses and after what they’ve done for the club, they shouldn’t be “forced” to waive them if they want to stay.
  3. There’s two of them and they each carry a massive cap hit. Unless they think “after this many years, it’d be really cool to be on different teams for once”, it will be extremely difficult to move them.
  4. (…)

Long story short, it will be extremely difficult to move them and at least half of Vancouver’s fan base would hate to see them go. Even though a Sedin trade could be a great start into the much-needed rebuild.

Still, give Willis’ article a read. Because, objectively, trading the twins really does make sense.