Singer Michael Buble Calling for Fan Boycott of NHL

Michael Buble (Photo Credit: Eva Rinaldi/Wikimedia Commons)

Singer and well-known celebrity fan of the Vancouver Canucks, Michael Buble, is calling for a fan boycott of the National Hockey League if the entire season is lost.

“I believe they were never going to play hockey [until] January,” Buble told Josh Rimer. “I believe this was always their plan.

“If we lose this whole season, if they’re stupid enough, honest to god I hope the fans have enough respect for themselves to boycott. I’m not saying the whole year, but don’t buy any NHL [merchandise], don’t buy tickets. Just stay at home and watch the games.”

Buble hasn’t been the first to suggest a boycott and certainly won’t be the last.

A group called  “Just Drop It” are urging fans for every game cancelled after December 21 to boycott the same amount of games once play resumes. This means no purchasing tickets or merchandise and watching games on television.

The group has received 20,318 “likes” or pledges. On the group’s Facebook page, every “like” represents a pledge.

By clicking “like”, I pledge that for every game you take from me after December 21st, 2012, I will boycott you for the equivalent number of games after the lockout ends. Follow us on twitter @justdropit2012

How realistic is a boycott? Probably not very when you consider most of the seats in the arenas of big market teams are purchased by corporations. Then the lure of  the games on television. If a deal is reached for a season to be salvaged, it will be a sprint to the playoffs. It will be difficult for any fan to skip any games knowing how important each one is.

Will you engage in some kind of a boycott when the NHL resumes?

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Photo Credit: Eva Rinaldi/Wikimedia Commons