Mar 16, 2013; Vancouver, British Columbia, CAN; Vancouver Canucks defenseman Chris Tanev (8) during the first period against the Detroit Red Wings at Rogers Arena. The Detroit Red Wings won 5-2. Mandatory Credit: Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

No Talks Between Vancouver Canucks and Chris Tanev

The Vancouver Canucks have not held any talks with the agent for restricted free agent defenceman Chris Tanev recently.

News 1130 Sports reported earlier this week there has been “nothing but silence” right now between the Canucks and Tanev’s agent Ross Gurney.

This should not come as much as a surprise since Tanev has zero leverage aside from signing an offer sheet.

The threat of an offer sheet has been highly publicized in the post-2004 lockout NHL after a couple of expensive offer sheets, but remains a seldom used mechanism in the NHL collective bargaining agreement. It was actually much more common and effective in the 1990s than it has been today.

Tanev and his agent likely wants a long-term contract with top-four defenceman dollars. The Canucks are likely willing to go that route if they have to since he has shown he can be a top-four defenceman in the league in spurts.

However, the Canucks with a declining salary cap and knowing Tanev has little leverage will likely hold out as long as possible in hopes of signing Tanev at a bargain cap hit.

Gurney could get his client an offer sheet, but the Canucks have over $4 million in cap space according to It might be challenging for the Canucks to fill out the rest of the roster, but they have the means to match any offer sheet that comes their way.

The only way the Canucks might not be able to match is if Tanev signs an offer sheet for over $5 million a season. He’s still a relatively unproven commodity, so will there be a team foolish enough to offer him $5 million a season under a $64.3 million salary cap? Will it be worth it to give up a first, second, and third round draft pick? I don’t think so.

The threat of an offer sheet is a threat, but not really one.

Right now, it is a matter of who caves in first.

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  • appaulled

    While I see Tanev as a likely premier player in the future, he is not there yet. His value is likely in the $2million range and bonuses in future years of a long term contract if he reaches mile stones. I would offer two million a year for the first two years of a five year contract with 3 in th next two and 3.5 if the fifth. Each of the final three years he could have an extra $.5 million based on minutes played, points time on the PK and defensive performance.

  • canucksgal

    Thanks for this article. It actually cleared some confusions I had with the signings. Now I understand a bit why it has been taking so long for Chris Tanev to sign with the Canucks. I think Chris Tanev is worth somewhere in between the 1 million to 2 million mark right now. He should get at least 5 years with the Canucks. I really like Chris Tanev. I like watching him play. He still needs to develop and improve as a player. His offense needs work and I think he knows that which I saw from a Canucks video hearing him say in an interview he would work on his offense. I think Chris Tanev is getting there though. I can see him trying to improve everytime I see him play. He has grown a lot since the first time I saw him play for the Canucks. I really enjoyed watching him grow into the player he is right now. I can’t wait to see him grow even more into the great defenseman we all know he can be. I wish him the best like always. Love you Chris Tanev :) and Go Canucks Go! ;)