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City of Vancouver to Write a Lockout Letter

Vancouver City Council has unanimously approved a motion to have Mayor Gregor Roberston, on behalf of the city, write a letter to the NHL and the NHL Players’ Association urging them to end the lockout.

The motion, put forward by Councillor Geoff Meggs, argued the city needed to write a letter to the NHL and the PA to highlight the economic impact the lockout has on the city.

The Canadian Taxpayers Federation criticized the move saying the council has better things to deal with and is unlikely a letter would solve the lockout.

“City council has far more important issues to deal with, things within their own jurisdiction, things within their own realm of ability to actually solve, so this is just a waste of time and unfortunately a waste of money,” Jordan Bateman told News 1130.

“If billionaire owners and millionaire players who are losing incredible amounts of money on both sides… if that isn’t enough to change their minds, a letter from Vancouver City Council isn’t going to help much.”

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  • Joel Marples

    Wow Mr Robertson this is a genius idea! If the mayor of Vancouver thinks you guys should get a deal done i’m sure that’ll push it over the top! What a joke! What you don’t realize is that there are 10 owners who will loose less money not playing than playing. This is the problem, this is why we are where we are. Some combination of profit sharing, salary reduction, and relocation is the answer for these teams. It’s just a matter of how much of each. Three sunbelt teams need to move in the next couple years to Quebec, Seattle and Southern Ontario. Gary Bettman is too obsessed with market size and learned his lesson with Atlanta to Winnepeg. Hockey needs to be in markets where kids grow up playing hockey. Reduce the salaries 7% to 50/50 and then the extra revenues from the top 10 teams goes to the bottom 10. Deal done, let’s play hockey!