Is Burrows' Success Dependent On The Sedins' Abilities?

It was, no doubt, surprising to see Alex Burrows goal totals jump from 12 during the 2007/2008 season to 28 during the 2008/2009 season. Much of that success is due to playing on the wing with the Sedin twins and tapping in perfectly executed passes by the brothers. In seeing this experiment pan out, coach Alain Vigneault decided to keep Alex Burrows on the top line for the following two seasons in which the gritty winger scored 35 and 26 goals respectively.

So far this season number 14 has registered 9 goals in in 23 games. Not bad, but once again, the success can be credited to the Sedins. The majority of, if not all, Burrows’ 9 goals this season have come while playing with the Sedins. Throughout a handful of games in which Jannik Hansen was rewarded a spot on the top line, Burrows went goal-less and was nearly invisible on the ice. Jannik Hansen took full advantage of his opportunity on the top line, scoring 5 goals during his short stint on the top line. It’s safe to say that the Sedins can make a goal scorer out of anyone. Anybody remember Anson Carter, “the other brother,” scoring 33 goals? Where’s he at now?

If Coach Vigneault is smart, he’ll keep Burrows on the top line and allow him to get on a roll instead of rotating players in and out of the spot. Burrows has been known to be a streaky scorer in the past, and after scoring tonight following a magnificent set up by the Sedins, you can expect him to keep his top line spot for at least another handful of games. But then again I’m not the winningest coach in Canucks history.

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