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It’s a good thing there’s a passionate and empathetic fan base in Dallas.  If not, it would be easy for them to become disillusioned after the way management handled the Brad Richards debacle.

Loui Eriksson will be looked upon to take on an ever-expanding leadership role for the Dallas Stars (photo courtesy of

In keeping with’s 30 teams in 30 days, the Dallas Stars get a closer examination.  For the Vancouver Canucks, their Western conference opponent constitutes another gauge of how the team is performing, as the Canucks handed the Stars a couple of strong beatings last year, at particularly crucial times for the Stars.  After a 6-1 loss in Vancouver last season, the Stars started to drop like Charlie Sheen’s sobriety tests over the weekend.  In fact, 3 of the crucial points the Stars needed to make the playoffs were lost during a 7 game winless streak following that particular drubbing.

Austin Waldron, writer for Blackout Dallas, sheds some light on the upcoming season, changes management has instituted, and his predictions on how the Stars will perform in the post-Richards era.

“The day has come, and it’s our time to shine here in the Fansided ”Around The NHL in 30 Days” Project. The Dallas Stars are up today, funny enough, as their calender year kicks off today with the Stars Ice Breaker and the prospects playing their first game in the 2011 NHL Prospect Tournament later today. While a lot has changed this offseason for the Stars, the expectations for this team to get back to their former ways have not.

For the Stars some of the changes happened right away. A new coach in Glen Gulutzan coming up from the Stars’ AHL team and taking over as head coach after the firing of Marc Crawford (thank you Joe!) started the summer off for the team. Of course what followed shortly after was not what most of the fanbase wanted, but most of us knew it was coming. GM Joe Nieuwendyk fought and tried a wait-and-see approach with new ownership that never came, and eventually had to just let the team’s top offensive threat go. Brad Richards is now of course residing somewhere in NYC as he prepares to play for the New York Rangers for probably the remainder of his career, and the Stars are now down on all-star.”

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