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Boston Will See A Whole Lot Of Green

The puck hasn’t even dropped yet for the start of Game 2 of the Stanley Cup Finals that but we’ve already got some news for you about Game 3 that will head to Boston after Game 2 is played Saturday night in Rogers Arena.

This is news that would make Charlie Day very happy… The beloved Green Men, Sully and Force, the two famous Canucks fans who come to Vancouver home games to taunt any opposing players in the penalty box with their shenanigans dressed in full body green spandex suits in honour of the show they got the idea from, It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, will be heading to Boston to attend Games 3 and 4.

The Green Men will get their chance to get under the skin of Bruin Brad Marchand who sounded off on the Green Men during a chat with the media after practice on Friday.

He said the Green Men are “not a factor”, “look like fools”, and he thinks, “it’s all dumb.” Marchand also added: What are they even doing? I’m not really paying any attention to them. I’m not gonna be wearing that suit in public. People have done that forever. I don’t know why they’re anything special. They like to yell through the box. I think they’re a little embarrassed about the way they look, so they’ve got to wear those masks.”

That’s a lot to say about two guys who aren’t a factor and that you don’t really care too much about. Regardless of his views on the Green Men, Marchand’s glad they’ll be making it out to Boston. So are the Green Men who will be travelling to Boston courtesy of a sponsorship deal with Travelzoo that will cover the $3,700 costs associated with the trip, which covers hotels, airfare and tickets.

According to Force, Travelzoo was, “the first company that was really cool about it”, and that “they wanted to make sure we got to Boston.” After paying out of pocket for all the games they’ve attended in Vancouver and on the road, most notably when they took their act to Nashville in Round 2, it’s nice to see the Green Men be rewarded for their dedication and fandom to the Canucks.

Most Canuck fans are probably happy to see that these two die-hard fans get to torment the Bruins on their home ice and The Canuck Way looks forward to seeing what trouble they might get into while in Boston. Who knows, they might even run into Ben Affleck.

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