Are we having fun yet? Not if you're the NHL. (Photo taken from Yahoo! Sports Puck Daddy NHL blog)

NHL Makes Canucks Fans Who Root For Green Turn Red

It used to be that the “no fun league” was a distinction held for the NFL and their anti-celebration stance but the NHL is catching up to them when it comes to taking all the fun out of playing a game.

This week the NHL decided to crack down on a couple of jolly green non-giants. If you’re a Vancouver Canucks fan and watch games on TV or live in attendance at Rogers Arena then you’ve probably seen the “Green Men.” Two guys who run around the arena pumping up the crowd or distracting the opposing team’s players in the penalty box.

Nothing but harmless fun, right? WRONG! At least in the eyes of the NHL. Usually fans get up in arms over questionable penalty calls or non-suspensions, not about rules governing fans.

The “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia” inspired “Green Men”, who go by the names of Sully and Force, have been asked by the NHL to no longer touch the glass in any matter and to stop doing handstands. Supposedly the NHL received a complaint in regards to the “Green Men” and their non-threatening shenanigans. At least they didn’t ban them entirely from being able to attend the games. That’s very un-Vince McMahon like of them. How nice.

It’s one thing for a league to tell players they can’t celebrate excessively on the field, or that they can’t tweet at halftime of a game or to take away offensive and inappropriate signs at the gates. But it is another thing entirely to tell fans how they can cheer for a team. Every fan has the right to root for their team anyway they like.

The “Green Men” are a refreshing change of pace compared to the fans who just sit in their seats and do nothing but drink beer and eat hot dogs. There’s nothing wrong with being a non-animated fan that hoots and hollers and sits in their seats the whole time. If that’s your thing, go crazy. We’re just saying it’s nice to see a couple of passionate guys having fun and being innovative to get the fans pumped up and support their team.

If anyone reading this article agrees, there’s going to be a “Support The Green Men Day” event this Saturday. Check Facebook for more details.

The “Green Men” don’t do any harm nor pose a threat to players or fans. Whoever “complained” should realize that and try to get themselves a sense of humour. Hopefully this crackdown by the NHL won’t stop the “Green Men” from coming up with other non-glass touching and non-handstanding ways to support the Canucks.

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